What to Look for on Modeling Agency Websites

Does the company even have a website? Did they never have a website? Is it always "under construction"? Although having a website does not prove a business is legitimate, the internet has been widely used for commerce since 1995, and it does not take long to build a website, so there is really no excuse for a legitimate business not to have a website.

There are several things to look for on a modeling company's website:

Clear business description

Is the company a modeling agency? Does it say it is? Do they fudge it? Don't they say what they are? Is it a full and accurate description?

Date of Origin

When did the business start? How long have they been in business?

Client List

Do they have any clients? Who are their clients?


Does the company have a modeling agency license?

Tear Sheets

Are there tear sheets to prove the models they represent got work and were published, and not just promotional "modeling"?

Street Address

Is it a website or a business with an office and a website? Is there only a PO Box number, or a street address and phone number?


Do they tell you the cost (incl. expenses, such as travel)? Are there hidden expenses? Are they upfront? Or do they need hard sales pressure to emotionally manipulate people in order to get them to pay? Can the company stand on the strength of its past performance and reputation communicated online or in print? Are they up front about upfront fees?

Success rate

Do they tell you their success rate?


If the website has a FAQ, does it include answers to basic and important questions, or are significant issues such as cost avoided?

Substantiated Claims

Does the company make claims on its website which are not or cannot be substantiated, and you are just supposed to take their word for it?


Do the pictures on the website look professional? Does it look like they know what they are doing? Were all the pictures of models taken by the same photographer?


If the company uses one photographer, do they provide his name and website address so you can review his work?


Do they show pictures of the models they represent? Do they look like models? Do they include pictures of their previous modeling work? Or are they all "new models"?


If the website has pictures of its leaders, do they look like people you would want to babysit your kids?


Are there quotes from leaders who you know or have you never heard of them or their company?