Questions to Ask Modeling Agencies

Sometimes you can only find out if a modeling agency is a scam if you ask the right questions. What are the right questions to ask modeling agencies?

Based on the research at and letters on Modeling Scams, here is a list of questions to ask modeling agencies to avoid becoming the victim of modeling scams.

Do you charge upfront fees?

How long have you been in business?

Do you have a modeling/talent agency licence?

How many models do you represent?

Have any of your models got work through your agency?

What percentage of your models get work? or What is your success rate?

How much work do your models get?

Do you have any full-time models?

What type of modeling work do your models get?

How much did they earn per modeling job?

How much did they earn in the last year?

Who were your clients?

Do you have client references?

Do you have tear sheets?

Does your agency make any money from comp cards or portfolios?

How soon after your models work do your clients pay?

How soon after your clients pay are your models paid?