Promotion Agency Scams

Watch out for promotion agency scams. A promotion agency can look like a modeling agency, talk like a modeling agency, and act like a modeling agency, and even call itself a modeling agency, and include the word "modeling" in its business name, but it does not pay like a modeling agency.

Not all agencies are the same. They cannot all get models high-end or lucrative jobs. Some focus on the high-end and they are very successful; they don't have time for low-end jobs. Others focus on the low-end jobs and they don't have the ability, contacts, etc., to get high-end jobs.

Aspiring models unfamiliar with the differences between promoting and modeling can hear about an "agency" and make the false assumption the pay is good, and it is worth their time and money to get started.

The bogus promotion agency passes itself off and promotes itself as a modeling agency because most aspiring models would not pay much attention if they knew the truth. Would you respond to the following advertisement?

Agency seeking workers to hand out flyers
Must drive one hour. Lasts two hours. Pays $15/hr. Less 20% commission for agency.

Handing out flyers, signing people up for credit cards, demonstrating products, attending events, tradeshows, etc., all fall under what some people call "promotional modeling." But is it really "modeling"? If someone passes out a flyer, does that make them a model?