Don't Buy What You Don't Need

Auto mechanics have a reputation for offering you more than you need to get your car back on the road. Scam artists in the modeling world think along the same lines and also offer you things you don’t need to get your modeling career started.

They can do this because of consumer ignorance. The underlying factor is the same: how do you disagree or argue with someone over something about which you know nothing? They are the experts, right? They have the experience, correct?

Two of the most common things offered by modeling scam artists are modeling photos of a quality or quantity which new and aspiring models do not need, and training which a model does not need, or if it is needed, the reputable agency provides it free.

Often the scam artists have high prices for their products (comp cards/portfolios) or services (photography, teaching), because they are in it for the money.

Part of the lure in the scam is high expense lends credibility to the proposal. People can conclude products or services are expensive because they are effective: “They must be able to command these high fees because they are very good and highly successful.”

But there is a conflict of interest at the root of modeling scams when aspiring models are offered products and services requiring upfront fees. How can you trust them? You can't; therefore an unbiased opinion is needed from someone who does not have a vested interest. Get a second opinion.

Find the industry standard, or find out if there is even an industry standard for photos and training, for example. Once you find a reliable reference point, you will be able to find out what is not needed, what is needed, and how much you should expect to pay for what you do need.