Internet Modeling Scams

When he was Assistant Director of the Nevada State Film Commission in 1994, Erik Joseph wrote a book called The Glam Scam. In the book he listed three of what he considered to be the most common glam scams targeting parents and their children. At the top of his list: "national photo directories that promise too much, cost too much, and are scarcely used by anyone in the industry."

Many people have been the victims of modeling scams for years before the internet was invented and became popular around 1995. Would you be surprised to learn there are internet modeling scams? The same people are out there; the same motive is out there; and the same dream is out there... Have scam artists who were successfully scamming offline found ways to successfully scam online? Are there any online modeling scams which are virtually identical to offline modeling scams? What happened when the old hype surrounding the modeling industry was married to the new hype over the internet? It produced emodel, the biggest modeling scam ever. (see news reports for more info). Among other things, the company said supermodels used its website to get modeling jobs.