Guaranteed Work

Modeling scams often revolve around high prices and false promises. There is a saying, Don’t promise what you can’t deliver.

Scam artists, however, are much more interested in your money than what they can deliver.

Ironically, those who can deliver what you want, are more likely not to guarantee anything in the beginning; and one reason why an agent or agency would make a promise is because it cannot guarantee it.

Scam artists make promises easily and quickly, often without discretion with respect to size, height, and age, despite the irrefutable fact these criteria are, and always have been, the basis of modeling jobs.

According to a Better Business Bureau Report, a modeling agency cannot make promises that it will find modeling work for you, it cannot guarantee anything, unless it is licensed and bonded, and that status can be verified in America with the State Department of Industrial Relations.

Most of the time the whole idea of a modeling agency making a promise is more than just unethical or illegal, it is totally absurd.

When you start to realize how absurd it is, you are much less likely to be the victim of a scam, and much more likely to laugh in their face.

Why is it absurd? Because it is not their decision.

Modeling does not usually start with a modeling agency: it is much more likely to start with an advertising agency. The modeling agency serves the needs of an advertising agency: it is not the other way round.

Until an advertising agency, for example, guarantees work to a modeling agency, the modeling agency cannot guarantee work to its models in general.

It certainly cannot guarantee work for one model in particular, unless the advertising company has said it wants and guaranteed it will pay for that model, for example, doing a series of ads over an extended period of time.

But this situation involves work for a model whose look and professionalism has been approved by the advertising company. Which is a totally different situation from an agency working with an unknown.

The modeling agency that guarantees work for an aspiring model trying to break into the modeling world is essentially saying this:

“We guarantee that when an advertising agency approaches us for an ad campaign, they are going to choose you.”

How can they do that?

After all, an ad campaign is usually built around a product, service, or concept, not a model.

When you break it down, look at the process, guarantees from a modeling agency which acts as an agent are almost always ridiculous.

Imagine if an introduction dating service guaranteed they would find your life partner. Nobody would believe them.

So why believe “modeling agencies” or so-called “talent scouts” that make similar promises, guaranteeing someone will choose you?